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Pilates author Joseph Pilates, was inspired by Eastern and Western methodologies in the development of his program of exercise, so  between Pilates and yoga is many similarities, but breathing is different. The pilates exercises requires to pull the belly in, towards the spine and up, while in the yoga exercises allow the belly to be on inspiration freely expanding. The Pilates method of exercise is primarily based on a precise and controlled movement, and practicing yoga on a longer retention and relaxation in a certain position. Some aspects of both methods are the same. Namely, in both cases we are talking about mind-body (mind-body) methods which start from deep and fluid breath, reduce stress, stimulate the muscles of the elongation and relaxation and make the body more flexible. The difference is that yoga is more static,  while in Pilates movements are repeated in batches and it is more dynamic, systematic and much more based on the functional anatomy of the body. Results that give Pilates and yoga are priceless. It is known that both influence the formation of a lean and powerful figures, harmonious movement, without exaggerated muscle. These disciplines complement, reduce stress and make you feel good!
Discounts for students are 20 kn less the amount of the membership fee.
Bioenergy exercises are based on the core energy exercises and physical exercises oriented psychotherapy. They are intended for the development of expression and creativity, awareness of repressed emotions and increases the feeling of omnipotence, security and freedom. Through these exercises you have an opportunity to explore the psyche through movements and pushed  breakaway parts of our psyche to integrate into everyday life.
Brazil Butt Lift is exactly what you are looking for! Static program where there is no jumping, but the maximum is extracted from the body. Design focuses on the butt, but of course to do the other parts of the body (especially the abdomen, legs). Brazilian Butt Lift program used by supermodels around the world as proven works! So, for all the girls who do not like to jump but want something more intense contact.
The first trial hour is free, so you can practice and see whether you like. If you like it you will pay the next time 🙂
Season ends 31.8. and the good news is that we work all summer. Schedule (which we will announce soon) will be reduced compared to now, it will be mostly similar groups merged. But we are working at full speed. Of course you can pay half of the month.
We do not have a group for pregnant women, but all pregnant women we send to Gorana Chinese mix. The program is light intensity, all exercises are done on the floor, without a large load. Gorana is a graduate kinesiotherapists, mother of two children, with experience conducting exercises over 19 years ... so that you are safe and in trusted hands. You will can not make a mistake 🙂
So, with both programs you can expect sore muscles, sweating, wear calories, lots of exercise design. The biggest difference between these two programs is just the intensity. Of course if you are beginner i would recommend  Body Fit because it is a little easier intensity. Of course there is a "personal touch" that gives its own leader.
Of course the  groups mostly contains woman gymnasts, but we have men in groups. In some more,in some less, but we are proud to practice with them, they bring positive atmosphere. So yes, of course you can come, you will be great!
During the training you will receive a variety of tools and techniques to help you be able to help themselves and others, but you will not get a diploma for therapists recognized by the Ministry of the Republic of Croatia. You will receive a certificate of having passed the four-year education with the time table of the specific areas of work. Eg. Attachment- 30h Character structure of the Reich 100h Gestalt therapy approach 80h ... .etc.
Yes. Since we ourselves are parents, children are taken care with a reliable "aunt keeper" in the hall next to this in which we work, so that the children usually very happy when we doing modules ?
This often happens because many people can not get so much time off. Usually we on Fridays working "process group" so that all who work by noon and can not attend do not lose a lot of programs, if they come until the afternoon.
Lectures are held on weekends that include Friday. Friday-9-17 (lunch break each of those days, one hour and a half) Saturday 9-19h Sunday 9-19h Seven times a year. What turns out approximately every 6-7 weeks.
School lasts four years. Because it is for personal change on a deeper level it takes time. We can expect that some patterns of behavior change alone raising awareness. Awareness is not end of the story, but the beginning of a wonderful transformation process through which the different conditions we try to apply conscious. It is said that the problem that arises for years, can not disappear in one day, but it takes time to transform.
On the page under the heading "Personal development school" there is application in the bottom of the page, which you can send by mail.
For school we not require prior training. Only motivation for personal growth.
We most often advise people to go more intense once a week at the beginning, 8-10 therapy or 2 to 3 months, until they see how it affects them. (Of course, this is not a requirement. You can  create own rhythm and intensity as it corresponds to the financial, time and emotional ). After these 8 treatment clients themselves assess whether this is enough for them or they found and opened some new issues on which they want to do. The treatment is the same as any other relationship requires time and continuity. The therapist and client relationship through creating an opportunity for the client to be a different way to react to certain situations that occur in the relationship, because we constantly recreate the same or similar things in different relationships. Does my child can come to therapy? We work only with adults. If a child is 16 years, he can work with parental consent. If you need child therapist, you can contact us, we have some good recommendations.
The treatment is very individualized. It is a place where people can just be what they are. This is the point of contact two people through a combination of interviews, reflections, various experiments and exercises that help in raising awareness of unconscious parts. We use a variety of the technique of visualization, relaxation, body movements, release voice, constellations, empty chairs, hot chairs, breathing, etc., Through which a person can come in contact with an authentic part of myself.
Not. People come to us because they want to deepen their knowledge of themselves. Most often people report when there are some crisis in your life with whom do not know how to carry themselves. Or simply realize that some aspects of life are not satisfied and that they want to improve. Of course, people with diagnoses also coming . It most often are the ones who get the diagnosis and medication therapy - eg. Antidepressants, anxiolytics, etc., But they want to do something with their problem and emotionally, not just chemistry. They are usually advised to continue with the therapy used by the parallel start with the emotional work.


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