Personal development school

One of the projects of Centar osobne moći is Personal development school. It is unique school in Osijek, and one of few in Croatia that through four year program offers theoretical knowledge and empirical work on own personality through physical, mental, emotional, spiritual, wiling and energetic aspect of the person. It is intended for all adults who are interested in working on themselfs and learning about emotions, developmental psychology, theories of character structure (structure of personality), internal and external psychodynamics, levels of consciousness, regression, family constellations, chakras, and energy of body.

Participants will gain knowledge and ablities that will enable them to become aware of repressed emotions. The emphasis of personal development school is on experiental district programs and personal approach.

Raising awareness and integration of repressed parts, we give you the opportunity to be an integral and responsible for all of its parts, which means that you will become emotionally mature and ready to stand in own authority. Emotional maturity gives us confidence in the expression of all that we are, helps us to express our creativity to feel the joy, peace and satisfaction at all levels of life.

Personal development school is an informal form of education. It consists of four years, and in each year will be held seven three-day modules:

friday from 9:00 to 17:00 o’clock

saturday from 9:00 to 19:00 o’clock

sunday from 9:00 to 19:00 o’clock with a break for lunch.

The effect of Personal development school is based on personal experience of trainers, and on the work of a larger group of authors of different directions. Some of them are W. Reich, A. Lowen, J. i E. Pierrakos, S. Freud, C. G. Yung, B. A. Brennan, J. Juul, H. Hendrix, B. Hellinger, M. Mahler, S. Grof, J.Winnikott, K. Wilber, J. Bowlby, F. i L. Perls, P. Goodman, E. Polster, M. Parlett, G. Yontef, P. Brownell, P. Clarkson and others.

Program managers are Gorana Radetić, physically oriented integrative therapist and one of the students of Gestalt psychotherapy. Siniša Radetić, physically oriented integrative therapist and attendant TRE( Trauma release exercies) and bioenergy, with multiple years of experience.

Classes will be held in the Gym Yoga Home, Fakultetska 4, Osijek.

Through the attending school you can expect:

Theoretical lectures through different approaches to personal development (integrative psychotherapy and Gestalt psychotherapy)

Experiental physical, emotional, mental, energetic and spiritual exercies, bioenergetics, meditation, energy work, fantasy, work with the inner child, chakra, grounding, archetypes, developing own authority and personal boundries and similiar.

Work in a group that includes interviews, sharing as well as a different type of physical and creative expression.

Energy work

Ego transformation – accept who we are “positive and negative aspects”.

Activating and connecting our own consciouness and subconscious, the integration of own internal conflicts “i want and i dont want, and do not need”. Connection of emotions, mind, will and body (physical sensations, imagination, ideas, expectations, spontaneous impulses, and established patterns of behavior, wishes, feelings).

Experiental work with negative experiences of the past (especially working with pre mature period and conditions of development in the first thee years of life), traumas, fears and images (ideas about what you think you should be).

Connection with own spiritual aspects (unrelated to your own religious beliefs), or with own essence, spirit guides, inner strenght, peace and satisfaction.

Raising awareness of own sexuality

Creating a sense of trust, security and cohesion within the group (including trainees, instructors and space itself), but also development of own individuation and authority.

Creating the environment in which you will be able to think, to talk, to share, to be heard, supported and present without judgement, and have the opportunity to feel, show, explore and experiment outside pressure of daily living and social responsibilty.

What makes this school unique, special and different is what creates and happens within the group between the leaders and participants in a safe place.

The effects of school can be felt immediately, in different areas of life, but to transform patterns, distorted beliefs and traumatic experiences takes a longer time (several years), and the length is individual.

As the time goes by you will eventually be able to notice how physical sensations are associated with your feelings, how you feel, “then and now”, your feel on the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual level, what are your limits, what do you want, what is happening with you in interaction with other people in similiar or different situations.

Students are expected to attend modules, do homework (own research related to lectures), reading the recommended literature and derived materials, 12 individual therapies per year, with one of the leaders of school therapists, as well the patience, time, determination, effort. Individual therapies are not included in the price of tuition.

Also, regardless of absences, it is necessary to pay the full cost of tuition. If student miss three days or more that one module, it is going to be required, in consultation with the managers to make a custom compensation so that student can continue to follow up the progress of school.

It is required to attend the school in comfortable clothing that allows easy and comfortable to move. Also, if student is interested in the school, but not not sure is it suitable to him, he can attend introductory meeting, or on first module.

The new school year starts when group of at least 8 people is formed. Also if you are interested feel free to contact us.


Friday: 09-17h
Saturday and Sunday: 09-19h

1. module: 08. – 10.02.2019.
2. module: 22. – 24.03.2019.
3. module: 17. – 19.05.2019.
4. module: 21. – 23.06.2019.
5. module: 27. – 29.09.2019.
6. module: 08. – 10.11.2019.
7. module: 13. – 15.12.2019.


Friday: 09-17h
Saturday and Sunday: 09-19h

1. module: 11. – 13.01.2019.
2. module: 08. – 10.03.2019.
3. module: 03. – 05.05.2019.
4. module: 05. – 07.07.2019.
5. module: 06. – 08.09.2019.
6. module: 18. – 20.10.2019.
7. module: 06. – 08.12.2019.



Tuition for one academic year is 1100 € (payable in installments). If you want to advance the pay the full tuition, price is 1000€. Members of the same household or partners realize 5% discount.

Applications are required, so please fill in the application form and submit it to For additional questions and informations please contact any training leader of the school or on the specified e-mail.

The registration form can be downloaded here.